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Marvellous Christmas and Winter Gift Packs and SPECIAL OFFERS available!

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Winter Blues

I want to share my personal experience with the Thyme Cream and Eucasol spray. I suffered from severe allergies that I treated with prescription drugs, like Allegra and Zyrtec. It has now been over a year since I’ve had any allergies because I started using the Thyme Cream and Eucasol Spray daily. I can now enjoy life without allergies thanks to the amazing natural effects of these SwissJust products. I can now breathe with ease no mater what time of the year, winter, spring, summer or fall!

Maria S


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SKin Care using Just Swiss Health Products

JUST: The Effects Of Climatic Changes On Skin

Our skin is the largest organ of the human body and mirrors our external and internal health and well-being. Its chief functions are to protect against environmental damage, disease and injury; relay sensory responses to the brain; formulate vitamin D from ultraviolet sunlight; maintain body temperature, and, excrete (toxic) waste. These are complex processes that if hindered can lead to the formation of skin disease, such as; rashes, ulcers, pigmentation and cancer, accelerated skin ageing, pain and severe irritation, lack of vitamin D that could result in poor bone formation and strength, poor maintenance of body temperature and limited excretion of toxic waste. Therefore there is more importance on promoting a healthy skin than simply the modern focus on portraying how young and beautiful we are. This been said, striving for a healthy ‘youthful’ looking skin is essential as our skin is the canvas that portrays our state of health to the world.

Maintaining skin health is often complicated by the climate we live in including seasonal changes, humidity, environmental pollution, modern living patterns and travel. Each season brings forth new challenges and benefits. Have you noticed how different your skin behaves in summer, autumn, winter and spring?

Summer: In summer, we remove the layers of bulky heavy clothes exposing skin parts to the sun thus increasing vitamin D intake. Further, our temperature rises causing the skin to secrete more oil and get rid of accumulated (Toxic) waste. Skin suddenly feels softer and smoother. However this natural process can be severely counteracted through the use of air conditioning, extensive travel and unprotected skin exposure to the sun.

Winter: the winter period adds considerably to skin stress. Blood circulation to the skin is reduced slowing down the regeneration process. The skin often becomes dry, flaky, chapped and irritated and further exacerbated by indoor heating and cold winds that remove moisture in the skin.

Humidity: The amount of humidity in the air also affects the skin. Low humidity can reduce moisture from the skin and leave it dehydrated, dry, and flaky. In contrast, high humidity prevents evaporation of sweat, leading to clogged pores, oily skin, and in many cases, acne breakouts.

Environmental Pollution: The places we live, particularly urban areas, often contain environmental pollution. Exposures to contaminants such as cigarette smoke, smog, and exhaust fumes can enhance the creation of skin-damaging free radicals, which may lead to wrinkles and other signs of skin aging. Also, smog and dust in the air can build up on the skin, causing it to appear dull or dry as well as clogging pores and causing acne.

Sun: No matter where you are living, the sun’s rays (direct or filtered through clouds) have both beneficial and damaging effects on the skin. It has been proposed that the ultraviolet radiation contained in sunlight damages the structure of skin tissue, increasing photo ageing, sun spots, and skin cancer.

To limit skin stress and maintain and enhance skin health we at JUST SWISS HEALTH recommend the following:

Maintain hydration through the drinking of good quality water;

Ensure adequate intake of micro nutrients through consuming organic fruit and vegetables (including greens);

Exfoliate skin daily through the use DRY BRUSH techniques:

Moisturise through using appropriate JUST SWISS HEALTH face and body creams/oils/gels that are naturally based containing high-grade essential oils.

During skin damage, premature ageing or skin disease use appropriate JUST SWISS HEALTH corrective/restorative/regenerative creams, oils and gels.

We recommend our range of JUST Swiss Health natural essential oil-infused products that improve the health and appearance of the skin, meeting the needs of the body, face, hands, feet and scalp. Please contact your local consultant for products and assistance!


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Jackie talks about being a Winner!

One of my very good customers Sarah  Jane Brewer won the trip to Switzerland, a promotion that took place last Autumn. As her consultant I was delighted she had won, not only because she is an excellent customer but also because I was also able to go with her.
The four of us arrived in Zurich to pouring, freezing rain and were met by Mr Justricht’s personal chauffer Mr Limoncelli, however the excellent dinner we had that evening soon made us not worry about the weather at all.
Our hotel was opposite the “JUST” factory with panoramic views over lake Constance, Germany and Austria. We were made to feel very welcome by Olympiada  our contact in Switzerland. Over the next two days we were chauffeured around by Olympiada (an ex racing driver! Draw your own conclusions from that information.) Treated to many culinary delights of the local restaurants and taken to many beautiful places, namely Mount Santis where we had lunch in the restaurant with panoramic views, Mainau Island with it’s beautiful gardens, restaurant and tea rooms and a personal tour of the factory and ware house by Michael.
In addition to all this we also received some beautiful JUST gifts.
Thank you JUST for such a wonderful trip and the half stone I put on whilst there. I am pleased to say that the weather brightened up considerably for the two days we were there and I have now lost the half stone I put on.
Jackie Askey (Just Swiss Consultant)
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Jackie Askey our Just Swiss Health competition winner – Trip to Switzerland and the JUST factory along with her customer!

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The sun has got it’s hat on!

 AUGUST Promotion

Until Further notice and whilst stock last! All come with free BEACH bag AND a BEACH Towel.

  • Cream Gel SPF15 & Aftersun ONLY £25.00

  • Milk Spray SPF25 & Aftersun Only £25.00

  • Milk Spray SPF25 & Aftersun & Lip Balm 2x10ml ONLY £27.50

  • Cream Gel SPF15 & Cream SPF30 2 x30ml & Aftersun ONLY £32.00

  • Cream Gel SPF15 & Milk Spray SPF25 & Cream SPF30 2 x30ml & Aftersun ONLY £39.99

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Wish to earn some extra income?

Amazing new commission structures for any one interested in promoting the Just Swiss Health range!
Options to purchase kit or indeed go ahead without kit if you already know the brand!
We are flexible and would like to welcome you to the Just Swiss Health family!
email for more details.

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Lavender! and bites

Use our Lavender Cream also to soothe any bites (and nettle stings!!!)

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SunCare Promotion

Until Further notice and whilst stock last! 

All come with free BEACH bag or BEACH Towel.

Cream Gel SPF15 & Aftersun ONLY £25.00

Milk Spray SPF25 & Aftersun Only £25.00

Milk Spray SPF25 & Aftersun & Lip Balm 2x10ml ONLY £32.50

Cream Gel SPF15 & Cream SPF30 2 x30ml & Aftersun ONLY £37.00

Cream Gel SPF15 & Milk Spray SPF25 & Cream SPF30 2 x30ml & Aftersun ONLY £49.99

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No more STRESS!

No more stress!

Anti Stress Activator

A specific and balanced blend of 15 natural essential oils, synergistically combined to promote feelings of relaxation and well-being that help cope with high moments of stress.

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